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About The Sosa Clinic

Specialized in bariatric surgery, wellness and anti-aging.

About The Sosa Clinic

Specialized in bariatric surgery, wellness and anti-aging.

Winning the Battle Against Obesity and Improving Health

Mission Statement

At The Sosa Clinic our mission is to offer weight loss surgery to help patients on their journey to overcome severe obesity and its associated medical problems. The cornerstone of our philosophy is a commitment to excellence and a long term involvement in our patients care.

Our comprehensive program led by Dr. Jorge L. Sosa utilizes a highly experienced team of psychologists, nutritionists, coordinators, nurses, and assistants that work with our patients to ensure the best outcome possible.

We believe weight loss surgery is not a one size fits all, therefore we offer all proven weight loss surgeries and we tailor your surgery to meet your needs.

The Sosa Clinic offers these treatments:

Morbid Obesity

  • Laparoscopic gastric bypass.
  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Revision bariatric surgery.

Re-flow or Heartburn

  • Laparoscopic fundoplication.


  • Weight loss programs and supplements offered through New Life Health & Fitness
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A Staff Highly Specialized in
Treatments of Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers here

We offer both, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass, depending on the patient’s needs.

We take into consideration your Body Mass Index, medical conditions, medical history and previous surgeries and together with the patient decide the appropriate procedure either Gastric Bypass or the Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Our package includes a 23 hour stay in a Joint Commission Accredited Hospital. However, if the patient requires another day of stay or two, that can be arranged.

We prefer you stay in town at least one week after surgery to follow up with the doctor and nutritionist before you return home.
We want you active right away, walking immediately after surgery. You are usually driving five to six days after surgery and by a week, you will resume all normal activities and may go back to work depending on duties. At one month you will be given the green light to resume heavy lifting, rigorous exercise, joining a gym, sports, etc.
Although the risk is low there is a possibility of complications after Bariatric Surgery, less than three out of a hundred patients may experience a complication and these can include, bleeding, infection, and need for re-operation.
Weight loss can vary but on average patients undergoing the sleeve gastrectomy can expect to loose 60-80lbs. Patients undergoing gastric bypass will usually loose over 100lbs or 80% of their excess weight.

We see everyone in person for a one week follow-up visit with the doctor and the nutritionist. After this, the doctors’ visits are at one month, three months, six months, nine months and one year. If you are not in town these appointments can be virtual

Nutritionist visits could be done in person or over the phone and usually occur at one week, one month, 6 weeks, then can be customized to meet the patients needs as they advance their diet.

The average surgical time for a Gastric Bypass is one hour. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is somewhat shorter, about fifty minutes.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy is what we call a purely restrictive procedure. In other words, you will eat less food but you will continue to absorb the food and nutrients normally. That is why you tend to lose less weight than with a gastric Bypass.

The Gastric Bypass is a more aggressive surgery because there is a malabsorption component to the surgery, by bypassing a piece of the intestine sugar is not absorbed causing dumping syndrome(diahrrea) when you eat an excess of sugar. Total weight loss with the Gastric Bypass is significantly greater than with the Sleeve due to the malabsorption of sugar.

The Lap Band has been associated with long term problems such as erosion, slipped, dysphagia, reflux. Those problems are not present with the Sleeve, which results in a better weight loss than the Lap Band. So it is much better, and the surgeons have replaced the Lap Band with Sleeve, which is a more effective operation.

The Gastric Bypass is reversible because we have not removed any part of the anatomy, we have just bypassed a certain portion.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy is not reversable because we remove 80% of your stomach.

Both the Gastric Bypass and the Sleeve Gastrectomy are performed under general anesthesia. We have a very experienced anesthesia team that has done many operations.

We work with different medical finance companies to help you. We use CareCredit, Alphaeon Credit, Protapay, United Medical Credit. We also accept all major credit cards

Patients meeting the criteria of a BMI greater than 40 are candidates for weight loss surgery. Also those patients with a BMI of 35 or greater can be a candidate for surgery if they suffer from a co-morbid condition. The most typical co-morbid conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obstructive sleep apnea.

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If you have an urgency, please call   +1 305 558 0411. Your consultant will ensure that you receive the best attention.

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